Vote in the 2016 SDAFS Officer Elections

The annual election for Southern Division officers is currently open, and voting will be available until September 14, 2016.

All SDAFS members who have paid their annual 2016 dues to the AFS Bethesda office are eligible to vote. Only students (who have paid their 2016 dues) can vote for the Student Representative to the SDAFS Executive Committee:

Voting is found at the survey site:

Please see the SDAFS newsletter for the candidate statements and their  pictures (with fishes):

There are three positions to be filled this year:

  • Vice President (2 candidates)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (2 candidates)
  • Candidates for Student Representative on SDAFS Executive Committee ( 4 candidates)

The Vice President, through succession, will become President in two years.  The Secretary-Treasurer is a two year position, and the Student Representative to Excom is a one-year appointment. All of these positions are important to the operation of the Division and the Society.

Please exercise your right to vote! Vote early but you can only vote once.
Last year 215 members voted in the election and only 41 students voted. We can do much better than that!
Thank you for voting, and get your votes in soon!

Dennis Riecke
Past SDAFS President