2016 SDAFS Officer Election Results

The results of the 2016 SDAFS election this summer have been certified by Immediate Past-President  Dennis Riecke and announced by SDAFS President Dave Coughlan.  Each race was tight and the SDAFS EXCOM wishes to thank all of the candidates for submitting their names. 244 SDAFS members voted for Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer and 161 students voted for the Student Representative to the SDAFS EXCOM.

Amy Cottrell of Auburn University was elected as the 2017 Student Representative to the SDAFS EXCOM.

Kim Bonvechio of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was chosen to serve a second term as Secretary-Treasurer.

Wes Neal of Mississippi State University was elected as the incoming Vice President!

Thank you to Dan Walker, Kasey Pregler and Matthew Acre  who ran for Student Representative to the SDAFS EXCOM, Mike Kaller who ran for Vice-President and Jill Hendon who ran for Secretary – Treasurer.

Congratulations Amy, Kim, and Wes!  Induction ceremonies will take place at the 2017 Business Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK.  See you there!

The American Fisheries Society flourishes only because of those who volunteer their time and service, whether at the state, division, or society level.