Conference Call

AFS Fisheries Information & Technology Section

Executive Committee Conference Call

March 9, 2017

11:00 –


Julie Defilippi

Rebecca Krogman

Jodie Whittier

Jeff Kopaska

Andy Loftus


Julie –


Annual Meeting Support Request from Parent Society

Issue:  FITS has been asked to provide support for the AFS Annual Meeting.


Discussion : The discussion focused on the fact that FITS will be providing travel support to people to participate in sponsored-symposia and FITS meeting and therefore will be defacto supporting the meeting through their attendance. Therefore, the sentiment was to decline the parent society offer to be a direct financial contributor to the annual meeting.


FITS Symposium Update

Still rounding out the agenda; abstracts are due March 17th. Jeff will send out the symposium description again. Loftus volunteered to provide a presentation if needed.



Rebecca has been looking for candidates for office. Has one in mind but will ramp up her efforts.


FITS goals

FITS Excom is asked to please look at them and comment back to Julie by March 23.


Angler App Standards Workshop

  • Part of the 8th Annual World Recreational Fisheries Conference.
  • Workshop will focus on collecting data in the field from anglers.
  • July 16th in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • FITS has been invited to participate.
  • General discussion was that we should probably use funding to get people to our symposium in Tampa rather than fund travel to this symposium. However, we are still interested in being a part of this effort as we can in the future. Is there a way to tie it to FDX?


March 1 Governing Board

  • Much discussion at the Governing Board on development of policy positions and communication of those. Only one policy position is current. Discussion of setting up subunits (sections) as experts in development of specific policies. Concerns expressed that one individual might not necessarily reflect the overall views of section memberships.
  • Governing Board reporting tool – still being developed but getting closer to completion. Tightened up format that would provide more consistency and a searchable data base.
  • Investment – grew 9% last year; FITS may want to reconsider investing funds


Website Update

  • 12 subunits now using the AFS multi-site
  • AFS projects 2-3 weeks to get a site up after they receive material (but probably optimistic)
  • Discussion about several issue still impacting AFS website; Rebecca encouraged people to report issue to the ESAB so that they can be conveyed to AFS.
  • FITS- website no progress since last update.


Conclude 11:50 am

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