Conference Call

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2018


Attendees: Julie, Kayla

  • Officer Reports
    • President
    • President-elect
    • Secretary-Treasurer
      • Deposit of membership dues
    • Past-President
    • Communications Coordinator Grasty Updates
      • Working on OFWIM poster, anticipate final draft by end of August
      • Completed a flyer advertising FITS for distribution/posting at the annual meeting in August
      • Would like to start updating the website, particularly the Tools & Resources tabs which are currently blank or outdated; am I free to start doing updates with resources/tools I know of? Could solicit more and compile during the Business Meeting at AFS and at the OFWIM meeting in November. Examples listed below (heavily marine/Gulf of Mexico biased J ):
        • Fathom Multivariate Toolbox (
        • SeaSketch (
        • Wednesday Weekly Job Roundup – SeaGrant Facebook Page
        • Guide to Writing Lay Summaries for Research Projects (
        • Allan Alda Center for Science Communication (
        • Communicating Science Workshops (
        • FishBase (
        • Task/Project Management Free Tools (Asana,
        • Marine Technology and Fisheries News (,,
        • Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association Data Portal (
        • National Centers for Environmental Information data access (
      • RSS/Email distribution
        • Change to monthly? I know it only sends if there are new items but our volume doesn’t seem that large so maybe saving it up per month makes more sense? It’s currently set at weekly.
        • Could we consider trying to feature interesting research being done by a FITS member each month when the newsletter goes out? To do this, could push the “Submit News” form on the website more on Facebook and in the email distribution.
      • Facebook/Social Media
        • Trying to at least post a weekly news item relevant to FITS member’s interests to keep it in people’s news feeds.
        • Would also be great to post about FITS-related events, symposia, workshops, etc. but need more pictures; is there a publically accessible place to store and access pictures taken at these events?
        • Definitely agree with the decision to forego Twitter – it’s very time consuming and hard to develop and maintain a following!
      • Committee Updates
        • Communications
          • Putting together updated version of social media guidelines and guidance to develop communications plan. These will be available to sections leaders at meeting
          • Start brand revitalization with PCG
        • ESAB
          • Draft membership services survey completed 7/19/18 and should be ready to deploy next week
          • A discussion with AFS Staff regarding needs and plans is scheduled for next week Thursday 7/26/18
          • Two Division representatives are stepping down and will be replaced this year, SD and NCD
        • Old Business
          • Governing Board Report due August 5, 2018
            • Kayla will upload the Secretary/treasurer report
            • Sarah will update the Communications and Outreach report – Will have a draft by Wednesday, August 1st
            • Julie will enter the 2017 Symposium attendance
            • Rebecca will complete and submit the final report
            • To access the reporting system, visit
              • Username: fitsafs
              • Password (case sensitive): gbreport
            • Symposium 2018 Planning
              • Julie will send update to speakers today
              • Julie and Kayla will be moderators
              • Will ask speakers if any are interested in serving as a moderator
            • Business Meeting Plan
              • 5-6 pm Monday, August 20th in room CC 413
              • Officers should have all meeting materials to Sarah by August 6th
                • List includes
                  • Agenda (Rebecca)
                  • 2017 meeting summary (Kayla)
                  • Secretary/treasurer report (Kayla)
                  • Communications report (Sarah) * Julie will send last years and work with Sarah
                • Sarah will send invitation to meeting to membership along with reports on August 10th – I am going to develop a new campaign as opposed to using last year’s. Any specific items to include besides the symposium and business meeting? Any pictures folks have would be useful for this as well! Maybe from the business meeting and/or FITS-sponsored symposium last year?
                • Beverages:
                  • Decided to provide beverages only because meeting is immediately before the poster session
                  • Arrangements have been made through Julie as contact
                  • Kayla had provided financial information and plans have been finalized
                • Website
                  • Need to update link to 2018 symposium information on the main page (Rebecca)
                  • News submission form works well for guests to submit drafts, but ExCom can and should sign in to publish any draft posts and submit their own news
                  • Note from Jeff Kopaska that we haven’t checked our account in a while – Brings up the need for more integrated communication. Should we keep this account?  Or can we limit folks to communication via the contact form? I’m happy to take over the account if appropriate
                • Partnership Travel Award

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