Tagging a Hot Topic in Journals and at Meeting

Tagging is an essential tool for understanding fish movement, behavior, and growth, and the science behind telemetry is growing constantly. Two papers recently highlighted aspects of fish tagging in North American Journal of Fisheries Management: one evaluating tag retention, health, growth and behavior of Age-0 Musky following acoustic transmitter implantation and one focused on radio transmitter detection and detection-related errors.

If you are interested in tagging and telemetry, don’t miss the outstanding three-day¬†Marking, Tagging, and Tracking of Fish and Wildlife FITS-Sponsored Symposium scheduled at the Annual Meeting in Reno! This symposium promises to highlight the latest and greatest work in tagging and telemetry, with many shared lessons from fisheries and wildlife science. A number of papers also focus in on use of tracking technologies for dam passage, with a dedicated morning on this topic. Check out the full schedule today!

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