Request for information about workflow documentation

Dear FITS members,

I am emailing to learn about the software tools that you or your organization use to document your work flow as it relates to data cleaning, analysis, and reporting. Documentation may be for yourself, others on a project, or a wider audience.

This request stems from my participation in the “Reproducible Science” section of the Database chapter of the latest issue of AFS’s Standard Methods book.

My co-authors and I are aware of many tools, but may be missing important ones, and want a sense of which are most common so that the section is most relevant to fisheries professionals.

Responses do not need to be detailed, and will not be quoted, referenced, or summarized in the section.

Please send feedback or questions to

Thank you,
Paul Venturelli, FITS President
Associate Professor of Fisheries
Director of PhD in Environmental Sciences
Department of Biology
Ball State University
Muncie IN 47306

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