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Call for a Volunteer for the Center for Fisheries Tech

The Center for Fisheries Technology Committee is looking for a volunteer to focus on partner relations. That means simply keeping track of the existing partners we have products for on the Center for Fisheries Technology ( and checking in with them annually to ensure they are happy with their product listings, see if they need... Read More

PIT Tagging for the ShareLunker Program

Texas is using PIT tags to track big bass which contribute to their ShareLunker Program. The Center for Fisheries Technology features five vendors of PIT tags, so don’t forget to check when you’re looking for PIT technology solutions! Tagging efforts help identify big bass that keep on giving Matt Williams, Contributor On Feb. 24, Nolan Sprengeler... Read More

PIT Tags in Bonytail Chub Recovery

Utah is using PIT tags to track stocked Bonytail Chub to better track their survival and range. Bonytail Chub are one of four endangered native fish species in the Upper Colorado River Basin. The Center for Fisheries Technology features five vendors of PIT tags, so don’t forget to check when you’re looking for PIT technology... Read More

Continuous water quality correlation with fish catch rates

Here’s a cool update from our partner Eureka Water Probes: As part of the Alameda Creek Aquatic Resources Monitoring Program, near the town of Sunol, CA, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) operates a rotary-screw trap (RST) and fyke trap. Trapping data is used to document the downstream movement patterns of fishes, and age-class-specific... Read More

Free Workshop on Wideband Data Processing March 31

Echoview is offering a free half-day workshop on Simrad EK80 wideband data processing in Echoview on Friday, March 31, 2023. The workshop is open to anyone who can attend in-person at the ICES Fisheries and Plankton Acoustics Symposium in Portland, Maine. ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) is hosting a four-day... Read More

eDNA Dashboards for Metabarcoding and qPCR Data from Jonah Ventures

Our CFT Partner Jonah Ventures has started creating dashboards for visualization and analysis of metabarcoding and qPCR time series data. Check it out! Many of our clients collect data over time and are in need of customize visualizations. At Jonah, we have begun creating new informative dashboards for our clients. Our JonahInsight Dashboard optimizes visualization and... Read More

ICES Symposium Registration Open

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Fisheries and Plankton Acoustics Symposium will be held on 27-30 March 2023 in Portland, Maine, USA. The theme is “From Echosounders to the Cloud: Transforming Acoustic Data to Information.” The 2023 Symposium marks the 50th anniversary since the first ICES sponsored Symposium on Fisheries Acoustics and... Read More

A Look Back at Wildlife Computers Inc’s 2022

In case you missed all the cool stuff this year at Wildlife Computers, here’s a look back. Wildlife Computers Unveils the Future of SPLASH—we’ve incorporated researcher input to create a new line of SPLASH tags that offer greater flexibility and improved data throughput. The updated models will have the simpler name of SPLASH, without the... Read More

All quiet on the Tech Front…

The holidays are always busy! Our Center for Fisheries Technology partners haven’t posted a lot of news recently, but we do have a nice series of “How-To” videos from both water chemistry monitoring partners in case you’re spending the winter hours in the lab maintaining equipment. Many thanks to our partners In-Situ and Eureka Water... Read More