James Wright Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s James Wright award winners, Shannon White and Nathaniel Marshall! The awards will be presented at the Genetic Section’s business meeting during the AFS Annual Meeting in Atlantic City. If you are attending, please come to the business meeting to congratulate the winners in person. Thanks also go to the selection committee... Read More

2018 AFS Genetics Section Officer Elections

Hello Genetics Section members, It’s time to select a president-elect and secretary-treasurer. The president-elect serves for two years, followed by two years as president and two years as past-president. The secretary-treasurer serves for two years. We are fortunate to have highly qualified candidates for both positions. You can read the candidates statements and make your... Read More

Reminder: 2018 Hall of Excellence Nominations due 15 April 2018

Dear Genetics Section members, This is a reminder that nominations for induction into the Hall of Excellence (HoE) for 2018 are due to President-Elect Andrew Whiteley ( by 15 April 2018 (this Sunday). The HoE recognizes professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of management or conservation of aquatic species and ecosystems through... Read More

Reminder: Coastwide Registration and Abstracts due 10 April

Hello! The registration deadline is approaching. If you haven’t already, please register and send in your abstracts. Registration & Abstracts The deadline is 10 April; you may submit both here. For NOAA employees awaiting group travel approval, please submit your abstract by 10 April; we expect to extend the deadline for NOAA registrants if travel... Read More

AFS Annual Meeting Symposium Announcement

Dear Colleagues, We invite you to participate in a symposium at this year’s annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society titled Integration of Genetic Techniques with Quantitative Stock Assessment and Ecological Models for Resolving Fishery Management Issues. The meeting will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from August 19-23, 2018. A description of the... Read More

Coastwide Salmon Genetics 2018 – Registration, Abstracts, Hotels

Hello salmonid geneticists and friends! We are pleased to open registration and abstract submission for the 2018 meeting to be held in Mukilteo, Washington, 19-21 June. Please see our updated web[page] for information and links for registration and abstract submission (both due by 10 April) through our partners at the American Fisheries Society Genetics Section.... Read More

Conservation Genetics Symposium at AFS 2018 Atlantic City

AFS Genetic Section Members, We are in the midst of planning a Conservation Genetics and Genomics symposium for the Atlantic City AFS meeting this August. It will be general, something like “Advances in Applications of Conservation Genetics and Genomics to Fisheries”, and meant to include a wide array of topics. We are tying to gauge... Read More

eDNA Symposium at AFS 2018 Atlantic City

Symposium Title: Novel and Emerging Technologies in Species Identification and Conservation Symposium Abstract: Conservation and management of aquatic organisms and ecosystems rely on a thorough understanding of species’ distribution and/or community composition. However, distributional and compositional data can be difficult to obtain across relevant scales due to limited resources and potential logistical issues associated with... Read More