IFS Annual Business Meeting

American Fisheries Society



Annual Business Meeting Agenda
9:00am Pacific Time, Thursday, 13 August 2020

  1. Start Recording (Karin)
  2. Determination of Quorum and Call to Order (Patrick and Erin)
  3. Roll Call: special guests and officers (Erin)
  4. Message from Presidents of the American Fisheries Society (Scott Bonar & Brian Murphy)
  5. Message from Doug Beard about the World Fisheries Congress 2024 in Seattle March 3-9
  6. Treasurer Report (Paul)
  7. Message from Executive Director of American Fisheries Society (Doug Austen)
  8. President’s Remarks (Patrick)
    1. Difficult year
      1. Cancellation of multiple awards
      2. Cancellation of AFS Columbus 150th…Now: Virtual meeting
      3. Cancellation of FSBI
      4. Cancellation of WFC2020…Now: WFC2021 20-24 September 2021
    2. Work plan review and progress
      1. 2019-2020 achievements
      2. Editorial Assistance Program (Robert Mussgnug & Julie Claussen)
      3. Low and Middle Income Country membership fund
      4. WFC2024 (Doug Beard)
    3. Award Recipients
  9. Exchange Program with Fisheries Society of the British Isles (Mary)
    1. Thank you to Award Selection Committee and to Education Section
    2. FSBI Fellow (Chris Payne)
    3. AFS IFS Fellow (Chris Schwinghamer) LIVE PRESENTATION
  10. Bern Megrey Endowment $500 Travel Awards (Patrick)
  11. International Section Travel Awards ~$500: Sullivan Fund (Patrick)
  12. Recognition of Service (Patrick)
    1. Karin Limburg, Erin Loury, Paul Simonin, Danielle Reich, Peter Holder, So-Jung Youn, Lisa Kelly, Jane Sullivan, Mary Fisher, Thiago Sanches, Robert Mussgnug, Abigail Lynch
  13. Presentation by FSBI award recipient Chris Payne (Karin)
  14. Introduction of 2020-2021 Executive Committee (Abigail)
    1. Andrea Reid, Karin Limburg, Paul Simonin, Erin Loury, Patrick Cooney
  15. President-Elect’s Proposed Work Plan (Karin)
    1. WFC2024
    2. Baltimore 2021
  16. Upcoming IFS opportunities (Abigail and Patrick)
    1. Low and Middle Income Country membership donations
    2. Low and Middle Income Country membership recipients
    3. Awards: FSBI Fellow, Sullivan Travel, Megrey WFC2021
    4. AFS Virtual Conference (14-25 September 2020)
  17. IFS Poster for 150th (Abigail and Gus)
  18. Open Discussion (Karin)
  19. Adjourn (Karin)



AFS – International Fisheries Section 2019-2020 Treasurer’s Report
Prepared August 7, 2020

Available Funds

  • Checking (available balance): $9,928 ($1,176 of which is set aside for the Bern Megrey Endowment Fund)
  • IFS Endowment Fund: $270,342 (as of March 31, 2020)


Income received August 15, 2019 – August 7, 2020 Amount (USD)
Donation to Bern Megrey Endowment Fund $160.00
Support of 2019 IFS-FSBI Exchange $2,500.00
2019 membership dues $1,090.00
Total $3,750.00

Donation to Bern Megrey Endowment Fund
Several donations were made to the Bern Megrey Endowment Fund at the 2019 annual AFS meeting in Reno, NV, totaling $160.

IFS-FSBI Exchange Support
The Education Section of AFS provided $2,500 to help defray the costs of the 2019 IFS-FSBI Exchange.

Membership Dues
2019 membership dues were received in the amount of $1,090 ($65 decrease compared with 2018).

Annual disbursement from IFS Endowment Fund
The Executive Committee of IFS chose to not disburse money from the IFS Endowment Fund to our checking account in June, 2020 due to: 1) the cancelation of the in-person annual AFS meeting and consequent cancelation of travel awards, 2) the decrease in the value of our endowment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated stock market volatility, and 3) existing funds in our checking account sufficient for anticipated 2020 expenses.



Expenses paid August 15, 2019 – August 7, 2020 Amount (USD)
IFS 2019 business meeting and reception $404.06
Hotel and per diem for FSBI Fellow at 2019 AFS Reno Meeting $1,073.88
Ground transport for 2019 IFS fellow $162.89
Airfare reimbursement for IFS treasurer to attend 2019 Reno meeting $439.30
Travel, lodging, food for participation in 2020 mid-year Governing Board Meeting $1,219.90
IFS 2019 website hosting fee $240.00
IFS Annual election: Survey Monkey fee $106.92
Endowment Fund awards $2,400.00
Total $6,046.95


Annual Meeting Expenses
Expenses associated with the 2019 Annual Meeting in Reno were $404.06 for the IFS business meeting and reception
IFS reimbursed airfare for the outgoing IFS treasurer to attend the 2019 Reno meeting ($439.30).

IFS-FSBI Exchange Expenses
Remaining expenses paid for the 2019 Exchange (not reported in last year’s Treasurer’s Report) consisted of $300 per diem, $162.89 for transportation, and $773.88 for lodging at the 2019 AFS Reno Meeting (total = $1,236.77). For the 2020 Exchange, no expenses have yet been incurred.

Mid-year Governing Board Meeting
Expenses associated with participation in the February 2020 mid-year AFS Governing Board Meeting in Little Rock, AR were $1,219.90 for airfare, lodging, and food. The IFS treasurer represented IFS at the meeting.

IFS Website Fees
AFS charged IFS the annual website hosting fee of $240.

IFS annual election
Turnout for our 2020 IFS officer election exceeded the threshold under which Survey Monkey services are free, so a fee of $106.92 was paid.

Endowment Fund Awards
The IFS Executive Committee provided the following financial support from the endowment fund:

  • Travel awards to the 2019 AFS Reno meeting: $550 each for J. DeWeber, M. Khan, E. Baran, and F. Amezcua ($2,200 total).
  • $200 to the Fisheries Conservation Foundation in support of the International Mahseer Conference in Bhutan.

Additional Anticipated Expenses for 2020 (to be reported in next year’s treasurer’s report)

  • Registration for 2020 FSBI fellow for the 2020 AFS virtual meeting has not yet been paid, along with the associated wire transfer fee.