IFS Annual Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting Agenda

8:00am Pacific Time, Thursday, 12 August 2021




  1. Start Recording (Karin)
  2. Land Acknowledgement (Andrea)
  3. Determination of Quorum and Call to Order (Karin and Erin)
  4. Roll Call: special guests and officers (Karin and Erin) → welcome to presidents of
  1. other fisheries societies
  1. Message from Presidents of the American Fisheries Society (Brian Murphy and
  1. LeeAnne Roulson, 11:30)
  1. Message Bronwyn Gillanders: World Fisheries Congress 2021 Adelaide Sept 20-24
  2. Message from Doug Beard: World Fisheries Congress 2024 Seattle March 3-9
  3. Message from Doug Austen: Latin American Fisheries Congress 2023 or Patrick
  1. Cooney
  1. Message from Executive Director of American Fisheries Society (Doug Austen)
  2. Treasurer Report (Paul)
  3. President’s Remarks (Karin)
    1. Difficult year
      1. Continued Covid-Caused Issues
      2. Meetings gone virtual for most part
      3. Cancellation of WFC2020…Now: WFC2021 20-24 September 2021 – now
  1. 100% virtual
    1. Work plan review and progress
      1. 2020-2021 achievements
      2. Editorial Assistance Program (Robert Mussgnug & Julie Claussen)
      3. OLAF program enabling memberships from LMICs
      4. WFC-2024 (Doug Beard)
    2. Award Recipients
  1. Exchange Program with Fisheries Society of the British Isles (Thiago)
    1. Thank you to Award Selection Committee and to Education Section
    2. FSBI Fellow (Bethany Smith) LIVE PRESENTATION
    3. AFS IFS Fellow (Sarah Borsetti) LIVE PRESENTATION
  2. Bern Megrey Endowment $500 Travel Awards (not this year)
  3. International Section Travel Awards ~$500: Sullivan Fund (Karin)
  4. Recognition of Service (Karin)
    1. Patrick Cooney, Erin Loury, Paul Simonin, Peter Holder, So-Jung Youn, Lisa
  1. Kelly, Mary Fisher, Thiago Sanches, Robert Mussgnug, Abigail Lynch, Gus
  2. Engman, Andrea Reid
  1. Introduction of 2021-2022 Executive Committee (Patrick)
    1. Beth Nyboer, Andrea Reid, Karin Limburg, Paul Simonin, Erin Loury
  2. President-Elect’s Proposed Work Plan (Andrea)
    1. WFC2024
    2. Baltimore 2021; Spokane 2022
  3. Upcoming IFS opportunities (Karin)
    1. Low and Middle Income Country membership donations
    2. Low and Middle Income Country membership recipients
    3. Awards: FSBI Fellow, Sullivan Travel, Megrey WFC2024
    4. AFS Hybrid Conference (6-10 November 2021)
  4. IFS Poster for 150th in Baltimore (Abigail)
  5. Open Discussion (Andrea)
  6. Adjourn (Andrea)