IFS Annual Business Meeting

International Fisheries Section of AFS Business Meeting Agenda

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Tuesday, August 22, 2023

DeVos Grand Gallery Overlook E. 2:30- 4:30

Followed by a reception in the Grand Suite, 26th  Floor. 4:30 – 6:30 https://units.fisheries.org/ifs/


Appx time No Agenda Item Who
14:30 1 Start meeting / start recording Beth Nyboer
Land Acknowledgement Beth Nyboer
14:32 2 Determination of quorum (10 members) and call to order-Q Eva Salas
14:35 3 Roll call: special guests and officers  Eva Salas
    Beth, Luiz, Andrea, Paul, Eva
    Past officers of IFS
    Past/present officers of AFS
    Past/present officers of outside-US fisheries societies
    AFS Staff
14:38 3.5 Recognition of Delegates from different societies, Dignitaries and AFS invitees Beth Nyboer
14:40 4 Message from the President of the American Fisheries Society TBD
14:45 5 Message from the Executive Director of the American Fisheries Society Doug Austen
14:50 6 Treasurer’s report (START SCREEN SHARING) Paul Simonin
15:00 7 President’s remarks Beth Nyboer
Work plan review and progress Beth Nyboer
    Communication: Member survey Beth and Eva 
    Membership: OLAFS and AWIS partnership Beth Nyboer
    AFS contributions: Writing workshop and networking session Beth Nyboer
    International Conferences: WFC and LACFC Beth and Luiz 
    Manage directives: Travel awards and FSBI exchange Beth Nyboer
15:25 8 Recognition of awardees  Beth Nyboer
1 – Catherine Fridolin
2 – Dilenia Martinez
3 – Oke Ojo
4 – Anne Brigette Ledesma

5 – Victor Awugo

6 – Nobule Mpanza

7 – Lomodei Evans


8 – Julie Bwoga

9 – Paska Ajok

10 – Faith Atukwatse

11 – Yvonne Bigengimana

15:40 9 Exchange Program with Fisheries Society of the British Isles Sarah Borsetti
Thank you to award selection committee and Education Section
    Special Mention: Andrew McMains – AFS Awardee
    FSBI Fellow Live Talk Ben Parker
16:05 10 Upcoming IFS opportunities and new business Beth Nyboer
    OLAFS & Travel Awards
    FSBI-AFS IFS Exchange
    World Fisheries Congress 2024 Seattle March 3 – 9 Jeff Duda
    WFC international travel awards and Bern Megrey travel award
    IFS volunteer opportunities

    IFS editorial service

16:00 11 Recognition of service Beth Nyboer
    Luiz Silva, Paul Simonin, Eva Salas, Andrea Reid, Cole McLeod, Arif Jan, Peter Holder, Lisa Kelly, Sarah Borsetti, Christopher Schwinghamer, Spencer Weinstein, Robert Mussgnug, Julie Claussen, Holly Embke, Abigail Lynch
16:00 12 Introduction of 2023-2024 Executive Committee Andrea Reid
    Sara Cannon, Luiz Silva, Beth Nyboer, Paul Simonin, Thiago Ribiero
16:05 13 President Elect’s proposed work plan Luiz Silva
16:25 14 Open discussion Luiz Silva
16:30 15 Group photo
16:30 16 Adjourn Luiz Silva

Upcoming Opportunities


IFS Awards: https://units.fisheries.org/ifs/ifs-awards/

  • OLAF membership awards (Fall 2023)
  • Carl R. Sullivan International Travel Award (Spring 2024)
  • FSBI – AFS IFS Fellow Award (January 2024)


Get Involved

  • Social Media Team – lend a hand updating the website, making X (Twitter) posts, and updating the Facebook group. Contact ifsofafs@gmail.com

  • World Fisheries Congress Sponsorship Committee – attend bi-weekly meetings, give updates on organizations contacted, brainstorm possible sponsors, and touch base regarding sponsorship efforts. Contact ifsofafs@gmail.com 

IFS Awardee Talks at AFS 2023

Lucyphine Kilanga, Tanzania, AWIS 2023. Clean Shores Great Lakes: A case of Lake Victoria Mwanza Region.

Mon Aug 21: 1:20 – 1:40 pm. Grand Gallery Overlook H.

Anne Brigette Ledesma. Philippines. OLAFS Awardee Social dimensions of angelwing clam industry in Western Visayas, Philippines Online Only. Mon Aug 21. 1:20-3:00 pm. Grand Gallery Overlook H

Elizabeth Wanderi, Kenya, AWIS 2022. 

Challenges facing the fisheries and economic viability of desert lakes – a case of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Mon Aug 21. 1:40 – 2:00 pm. Grand Gallery Overlook H

Erik Karlsson, Sweden, International Travel Awardee. Developing eDNA for quantitative monitoring of northern pike populations.Mon Aug 21. 2:00 – 2:20 pm. Grand Gallery E

Mourine Yegon,  Kenya/Austria, AWIS 2023. How litter quanlity and preconditioning influence litter processing in aquatic systems. Mon Aug 21. 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Exhibit Hall C.

Lorena Matos, Mozambique, AWIS 2023. The ecological niche of the Protopterus annectens in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Mon Aug 21. 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Exhibit Hall C.

Margaret Sinda, Malawi, AWIS 2023. Quality and shelflife analysis of fried and smoked Encraulicypris sardella and Copadichromis specle. Mon Aug 21. 5:30-7:30 pm. Exhibit Hall C

Asante Nkhata, Malawi, AWIS 2023. Community participation in ecosystem-based fisheries management in restoring Lake Malawi biodiversity.Tues Aug 22. 2:40 – 3:00 pm. Grand Gallery Overlook H

Julie Bwoga, South Africa, AWIS 2023. Population Genetics of Genus Gyrodactylus. Their Prevalence and Epidemiological Impact in Tilapia Aquaculture in South Africa.Wed Aug 23. 3:20 – 3:40 pm. River Overlook D

Kundananji Nawanzi, Zambia, AWIS 2023. Contamination of selected heavy metals in Limnothrissa moidon in the four strata of Lake Kariba.Wed Aug 23. 4:20-4:40 pm. River Overlook D.

Paska Ajok, Uganda, AWIS 2023. Assessment of the sudden drop in water levels of Lake Kalunga.

Wed Aug 23. 4:20-4:40. River Overlook E

Faith Atukwatse, Uganda, AWIS 2023. Microplastics in the gut and gills of Oreochromis niloticus from Lake Victoria.

Wed Aug 23. 4:40-5:00 pm. River Overlook D.

Memory Chimpesa, Malawi, AWIS 2023. Monitoring and mapping of community owned fish sanctuaries in Lake Malawi. Wed Aug 23. 4:40-5:00 pm. River Overlook E.

Ojo Oke, Nigeria. OLAFS Awardee. The effects of stocking density and background colour on the molecular stress markers in Afr:ican catfish. Online only. Thurs Aug 24. 8:40 – 9:00 am. Grand Gallery Overlook C

Eva Nambeye, Zambia, AWIS 202. Assessment of the invasive Australia red claw crayfish in Zambia’s water bodies.Thurs Aug 24. 9:00-9:20. Grand Gallery B

Gayan Jayasinghe, Sri Lanka, OLAFS Awardee. Severity of distribution of invasive chitala ornate in Deduru oya and tributaries. Online only.Thurs Aug 24. 9:20 – 9:40 am. Grand Gallery B

Elizabeth Wanderi, Kenya, AWIS 2022. 

Influence of land use on distribution and diversity of tropical riverine fishes in Kenya. Thurs Aug 24. 11:00-11:20 am. River Overlook D

Frank Masese, Kenya, OLAFS Awardee. Influence of land use on distribution and diversity of tropical riverine fishes in Kenya. Thurs Aug 24. 11:00 – 11:20 am. River Overlook D

FSBI Exchange Fellow

Ben Parker, Bournemouth Univeristy, UK

Title:  Freshwater microplastics and fishes in an era of multiple stressors  

Authors:Ben Parker, Rob Britton, Iain Green, Katsia Pabortsava, Demetra Andreou

Abstract:  Freshwater microplastics are a form of environmental contamination found globally within fishes that are known to have negative impacts on the ecology, immunology and physiology of affected biota. While the single effects are well understood, fishes are simultaneously exposed to a range of multiple stressors such as parasite infection and pollutants for which the interactive effects are currently unknown. Using a combination of a literature review, field studies, an interaction experiment and a metanalysis the interactive effects of microplastics were investigated within freshwater fishes for the first time to understand the relative effects of microplastic pollution. The interaction study used environmentally relevant loadings established from prior field research in combination with environmentally relevant parasite exposures. Contrary to predictions, microplastic exposure had no significant effect on fish morphometrics and feeding compared to parasite exposure. The metanalysis additionally found that interactions between microplastics and secondary stressors were mostly additive and did not vary between types of responses. These results find no evidence for negative synergistic effects of microplastic exposure and therefore fishery managers can address stressors of greater concern individually without concern for microplastic interactions.