IFS Annual Business Meeting

American Fisheries Society
Annual Business Meeting
Marriott Waterside Hotel, Tampa, Florida
5:30pm, Tuesday, August 22, 2017




Determination of Quorum (Claussen)
Call to Order (Claussen)
Roll Call:  Members and special guests (Vatland)
Treasurers Report (Reich)

President’s Remarks (Claussen)

  • Work plan and achievements
  • Raising profile within AFS
  • Fisheries article
  • Symposia,
  • Procedural updates

Membership (Claussen)

  • Gift members
  • Sponsored membership
  • Insert for AFS brochure
  • Joining any time


  • Facebook (So-Jung)
  • Newsletter (Bob Hughes)
  • ListServ (Claussen)
  • Website (Claussen)

Editorial Assistance Program (Vatland)

Carl Sullivan Award Recipients (Claussen)

  • Burmese: Nyunt Win, Bobby Mg, Khin Maung Soe, Michael Akester
  • France: Claire Claudon
  • India: Piyashi DebRoy
  • Russia: Alexei Orlov
  • UK: Peter Bridgewater

Story Map – Inland Fisheries Working Group (Sarah Glaser)

FSBI Fellows Exchange Program (Jeremey Higgs)

  • Chair: Jeremy Higgs
  • Fellows: Lauren Laing and Jane Sullivan
  • Incoming Chair: Charlie Waters 2016 Fellow
  • Education Section new partner
  • Potential new exchanges

AFS Resource Policy Committee – IFS Representative: Dr. Christina Swanson: Natural Resource Defense Council

Bern Megrey Fund Update (Claussen)

AFS Executive Director’s Report (Austen)

  • Report on Society Activities
  • ED Plan of Work for 2018
  • Governing Board Report
    • Wiley
    • Publications
    • Dues Increase
      • Developing Country dues remain at $10
    • Policy Report

Introduction of 2017-2018 President (Steven Cooke)

Approval of President-Elect’s Proposed Plan of Work

Overview of 2018 Atlantic City meeting

  • Program ideas
  • Future meetings updates (Reno-2019, Columbus-2020, Baltimore-2021)

World Council of Fisheries Societies (Donna Parish))

  • WFC 2020 in Adelaide
  • WFC 2024 – Should AFS consider submitting bid to host 9th WFC in 2024?