IFS Annual Business Meeting

American Fisheries Society
Annual Business Meeting
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
5-7pm, Atlantis, Emerald B/C


  • Determination of Quorum and Call to Order (Patrick Cooney)
  • Roll Call: members, special guests, and officers (Erin Loury)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Danielle Reich)
  • President’s Remarks (Abigail Lynch, remotely; Steve Cooke, in person)
    • Work plan progress
    • 2019 achievements
    • Carl Sullivan Award Recipients
    • Upcoming IFS opportunities
  • Editorial Assistance Program (Julie Claussen; 5 min.)
  • Report-out on IFS-sponsored symposium (Erin Loury; 5 min.) “Migratory Freshwater Fishes: Global Status Update and Swimaway Initiative”
  •  Fisheries Society of the British Isles Exchange Program (Mary Fisher) ○ AFS IFS fellow (Thiago Sanches 12 min.) ○ FSBI fellow (William Perry; 12 min.)
  • Bern Megrey Endowment Award announcement (Bob Hughes; 5 min.)
  • Catfish 2020: 3rd International Symposium, February, Little Rock, Arkansas (Ben Neely; 5 min.)
  • World Fisheries Congress updates
    • WFC 2020, Adelaide, Australia, October 11-15 (Bronwyn Gillanders; 5 min.)
    • WFC 2024 bid (Barb Knuth; 5 min.)
  • World Fisheries Migration Day Planning: May 16th, 2020 (Herman Wanningen; 5 min.)
  • AFS President’s Remarks (Jesse Trushenski; 5 min.)
  • Introduction of 2019-2020 Executive Committee (Steve Cooke)
    • New members (Karin Limburg; Paul Simonin)
    • President-Elect’s Proposed Work Plan (Patrick Cooney)
    • Open Discussion
  • IFS programme initiatives
  • 2020 conferences: AFS (Columbus, Ohio); WFC (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Adjourn to Presidential Suite for Reception (All)