IFS Annual Business Meeting

American Fisheries Society


Business Meeting – Spokane Convention Center 206C

2:00-3:30pm Pacific Time, Tuesday, 23 August 2022


Hybrid event

  1. Start Recording (Andrea; note: underlined names joining remotely)
  2. Land Acknowledgement (Andrea)
  3. Determination of Quorum and Call to Order (Andrea and Erin)
  4. Roll Call: special guests and officers (Erin)
    1. Andrea; Beth; Karin; Paul; Erin
    2. Past officers of IFS
    3. Past/present officers of AFS
    4. Past/present officers of outside-US fisheries societies
    5. AFS staff
  5. Message from President of the American Fisheries Society (Brian Murphy)
  6. Message from Executive Director of American Fisheries Society (Doug Austen)
  7. Treasurer Report (Paul – share screen)
  8. President’s Remarks (Andrea)
    1. Getting back into gear; reoffering of multiple awards
    2. Work plan review and progress
  9. Upcoming IFS opportunities (Andrea – share screen)
    1. OLAFs, other awards, AFS 2023
    2. Message on World Fisheries Congress 2024 Seattle March 3-9 (Doug Beard)
    3. Message on Latin American and Caribbean Fisheries Congress 2023 (Miguel Garcia Bermudez)
  10. International Section Travel Awards: Sullivan Fund (Beth and Paul)
    1. Announcing recipients
    2. Discuss potential changes to funding levels and prioritization strategy
  11. Recognition of Service (Andrea)
    1. Karin Limburg, Erin Loury, Paul Simonin, Peter Holder, So-Jung Youn, Lisa Kelly, Christopher Schwinhamer, Thiago Sanches, Robert Mussgnug, Julie Claussen, Patrick Cooney, Abigail Lynch, Beth Nyboer
  12. Presentation of Le Cren Medal from FSBI to Steven Cooke (Colin Adams)
  13. Exchange Program with Fisheries Society of the British Isles (Chris)

(i)  Thank you to Award Selection Committee and to Education Section

(ii)  AFS IFS Fellow (Spencer Weinsteinlive talk); Special mention: Sarah Borsetti

(iii) FSBI Fellow in 2023

  1. Introduction of 2022-2023 Executive Committee (Karin)

(i)  Luiz da Silva, Beth, Andrea, Paul, Eva Salas

  1. President-Elect’s Proposed Work Plan (Beth share screen)

(i)  WFC2024

  1. Open Discussion (Beth)
  2. Online Screenshot + Announce Group Picture (Andrea)

Adjourn (Beth)