Collaboration and Communication Fund

International Fisheries Section Collaboration and Communication Fund


The objectives of the International Fisheries Section (IFS) of the American Fisheries Society are to: i) support and promote worldwide fishery educational, organizational, and research efforts, and to ii) increase North American fishery scientists’ awareness of the interests, needs, and contributions of their colleagues worldwide.

IFS awards travel funds annually through our International Travel Award.  Beyond these travel awards, IFS is open to receiving requests for funding of unique international opportunities such as: seed money for international conferences, symposia, and workshops; to support guest speakers; for international memberships; and to help publish or purchase scientific books and journals. To obtain the greatest value from limited IFS resources, we will choose to fund requests that most significantly advance the objectives of the International Fisheries Section.

IFS will consider the following when making funding decisions:

Does the request:

  1. Advance the objectives of the International Fisheries Section? In what ways?
  2. Provide an inclusive opportunity for diverse international participants?
  3. Duplicate any similar event or project we have already funded this year?
  4. Originate from someone who is a member of the International Fisheries Section?
  5. Elevate the visibility of the International Fisheries Section?
  6. Demonstrate financial need?

Application Process:

  1. A member of the International Fisheries Section must submit the application. Other participants and beneficiaries need not be IFS members.
  2. Requests for funding totaling $500 or less may be made at any time.  If the request is for more than $500, applications should be submitted by 1 July each year to be assured of consideration during the annual business meeting.
  3. Applications must include the following information:
    • Title of event or project for which funding is requested
    • Name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address of contact(s)
    • Project description (For what purpose will the funds be used? What International Fisheries Section objectives are addressed?)
    • Timing of event or timeline of project
    • Amount requested
    • How the funds will be used
    • Other funding sources
    • How will the contribution made by IFS be acknowledged?
  4. Submit electronic application to the Section President via email.

Review Process:

  1. The IFS Executive Committee will conduct a preliminary review and evaluation of all requests.  Those requests at or under $500 will be provided a decision.
  2. Requests greater than $500 that receive support from the Executive Committee will be:
    • Presented to the membership for approval or denial at the annual IFS business meeting.
  3. Officers will notify applicants following the business meeting.


  1. Requesting individual will send IFS a brief summary, with pictures or other supporting materials if available, of the event or project and describe what support the funds provided.