African Women in Science Partnership

The AWIS cohort celebrating an excellent week of meetings in Grand Rapids with IFS past president Elizabeth Nyboer, ACARE representatives Stephanie Smith and Lulu Tunu Kaya, and AFS Executive Director, Doug Austen

The International Fisheries Section is pleased to partner with African Women In Science (AWIS) program operated by the International Institute for Sustainable Development – African Center for Aquatic Research and Education (IISD-ACARE).

IFS aims to support and promote worldwide fishery educational, organizational, and research efforts and to increase North American fishery scientists’ awareness of the interests, needs, and contributions of their colleagues worldwide. AWIS is a program that builds capacity and offers mentorship and networking opportunities cohort of early-career African women in fisheries and aquatic sciences.

In this partnership, IFS supports the AWIS program by distributing gift memberships to IFS and AFS for one year to each of the AWIS awardees, and AWIS supports IFS by enriching its membership through increased representation of African women’s voices.

This partnership supports the IFS goals of:

(1) Building an international community of diverse fisheries scientists and professionals

(2) Facilitating greater involvement of international women in IFS and AFS

(3) Providing access to networking, conference, and professional development opportunities provided by IFS and AFS.

This partnership supports the AWIS goals of:

(1) Providing networking opportunities

(2) Building international connections

(3) Advancing fisheries science by uplifting the voices of African women in science.