Country Profiles

Fisheries magazine will begin to publish a series of articles that feature the status of fish and fisheries in various countries around the globe. The author teams recruited thus far have been asked to consider all realms (marine and inland), sectors (commercial, small‐scale, recreational, subsistence, and aquaculture), and aspects (science, management, governance, and policy). The teams have also been challenged to help readers understand the role that fish and fisheries play in their country with specific connections to provisioning and cultural ecosystem services. These are not intended to be exhaustive tomes but rather high‐level vignettes. It is our hope that this “Country Profile” series will serve as a means of building understanding (both of the differences and similarities) of the diverse challenges facing fish and fisheries across the globe, fostering opportunities for learning potentially exportable lessons about management techniques in different regions, and helping to understand how fish connect to different peoples and cultures. We see this as yet another step to help fisheries professionals think, collaborate (see Song et al. 2017), and act across international boundaries and a necessary step to foster science‐based management in all aquatic systems (Pauly et al. 2003; Cooke et al. 2016) and global initiatives, such as the SDGs. We challenge you, as readers, to read each Country Profile, relate the contents back to your personal experiences, and reach out to the authors (or others) to discuss. These cross‐pollination activities across borders will no doubt be professionally rewarding and will surely help improve our ability to conserve and sustainably use our global fisheries resources (Hughes et al. 2016)…read more in the full Fisheries article.
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