International Travel Award – Sullivan Family Endowment Fund


The International Travel Award – Sullivan Family Endowment Fund provides funds for International Fisheries Section Members that reside outside of the USA and Canada for activities that support the IFS goals of promoting worldwide fishery educational, organizational, and research efforts; and fostering the exchange of information and technical assistance among fishery professionals.


This award prioritizes travel and registration for IFS and AFS sponsored events. Funds may also be used for travel to other events, and only funding for future events (preferably at least one month after the application deadline) will be considered for the general applicant pool.  Students, researchers, and managers during the early stages of their careers may be given preference.  As funds are limited, priority will be given to eligible applicants requiring only partial support (e.g. airfare, registration, lodging, or per diem). Other expenses related to meeting participation, such as child care, may also be considered based on need. The average award is $500 (USD). Full support may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Funding will primarily support individuals that maintain a permanent residence outside of the USA and Canada.

Note: Applications for travel or registration funds to attend the 2021 World Fisheries Congress are currently being considered for residents of Low and Middle Income Countries only. These include countries NOT listed on the World Bank list of HIGH-INCOME ECONOMIES. Recipients do not have to be IFS members.


An International Travel Award application must be completed online ( or by contacting the IFS through email ( A CV or resume and an itemized budget must be provided. Additional supporting documents may be included such as a cover letter, additional budget information, or additional information about the funding request (conference website, workshop itinerary, informational flier, etc).

Selection Criteria:

Proposals may be reviewed by other scientists in appropriate fields solicited by the IFS Executive Committee. Recipients of awards will be selected on a competitive basis. Decisions will be made primarily on meeting the program’s criteria, need, justification, research promise, scientific method, and academic and professional achievement.  Submission of an application acknowledges the applicant’s acceptance that the decision of the Executive Committee is final. In any given year, the IFS may choose not to award any grants from the Fund.


The deadline for award applications is three months prior to the AFS Annual Meeting. The deadline for 2021 has been extended to August 27, 2021.


Each selected recipient of the International Travel Award will receive an official letter or email notification about the award within one month after the application deadline.  Awards will be announced by the Section President. In extenuating circumstances, other requests may be considered at other times of the year.  Please contact the IFS Executive Committee to inquire.

Awarded Funds:

An award may be made directly to the recipient either a) in advance of or, b) after expenses have been incurred, or c) to the recipient’s affiliated institution in repayment for funds already expended in anticipation of the award. In all cases, the award recipients shall provide receipts to the IFS Treasurer that document the expenditure of the award funds, along with a short participation report.