AFS Symposium

Fisheries Research Networks: Spanning Borders to Solve Global Fisheries Problems

Over the past several decades, various networks have been established that bring together international fisheries researchers to address common problems.  In today’s world of expanded platforms for communication, organized networks have the potential to engage the international fisheries science community in ways that have previously been difficult. Sometimes these networks are quite organic without core funding, while others are directed initiatives with specific priorities.  Networks enable researchers to connect with each other, share expertise, and discuss cross-cutting concepts, often yielding joint projects and deeper, long-lasting collaborations.  Most often, these networks are initiated by organizations with a thematic interest under the expectation that connections will be forged globally with researchers seeking professional networking and collaborative opportunities. 

The International Fisheries Section (IFS) will host this full day symposium to showcase the successes from current networks related to fish and fisheries and highlight gaps and opportunities.  After a series of presentations specific to the various networks, the IFS moderators will facilitate a discussion intended to characterize the benefits and challenges associated with network projects.  The discussion will include exploration of topics such as inclusivity, road blocks, methods for communication, and working with diverse (international) teams. 

We will post the full symposium schedule as it becomes available.

Organizers – Steven J. Cooke, Abigail Lynch, Julie Claussen