Work Plan


International Fisheries Section
Abigail J. Lynch

  1. Connect with IFS members
    1. Continue to improve the outstanding revamped website.
    2. Maintain Facebook and twitter presence.
    3. Fully transition IFS newsletters into a quarterly E-blast (summary of social media posts and relevant section information).
    4. Promote the valuable IFS editing service
  1. Fund IFS directives
    1. Maintain fiscal responsibility of section funds.
    2. Grant Carl Sullivan Travel Awards and FSBI-AFS exchange program.
    3. Promote the Bern Megrey endowment fund. 
  1. Expand IFS membership
    1. Propose reduced AFS membership rate for developing countries and automatic IFS membership.
    2. Recommend streamlining AFS gift membership process to support international AFS members.
    3. Work with AFS VP Brian Murphy to formalize a relationship with an African Fisheries Society.
    4. Explore opportunities to integrate new international units into AFS structure via an official status within IFS.
  1. Highlight IFS contributions to AFS
    1. Support the launch of country profiles in Fisheries and house them as an ArcGIS Story Map on the IFS website.
    2. Host an IFS symposium at the AFS-TWS joint meeting (Reno 2019) – on interjurisdictional management? Co-sponsored with International Wildlife Management Working Group?
  1. Maintain a strong IFS presence in World Fisheries Congress planning
    1. Serve on the WFC2020 International Program Sub-Committee.
    2. Support the development of a WFC2024 North American bid.
Presidential Vision

I see the mission of the International Fisheries Section to serve its membership, make the needs of the international fisheries community known to AFS leadership, and promote specific services for IFS members, such as exchange of information, sponsorship of meetings and symposia, and facilitation of international cooperation among fisheries professionals.  Following on the IFS section presidential initiatives of Julie Claussen and Steve Cooke, I would aim to make international collaborative opportunities more accessible.  Access can come in the form of availability of information (e.g., on the IFS website; through IFS sponsored webinars and trainings), support for attending AFS events (e.g., reduced conference fees; increased availability of travel funding), and engagement opportunities at other international venues (e.g., AFS sponsored activities at other international conferences).  Additionally, I think it is important that the International Fisheries Section take a strong role in contributing to preparation for the World Fisheries Congress in 2020 and I would make this a priority for my time in section leadership, if given the opportunity.