OLAF International Membership Award

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Goal: The Opportunity for Learning and Advancement in Fisheries (OLAF) – International Membership Awards support the IFS goals of assisting the international community, especially those from low and middle income countries, with networking and conference opportunities and provide the exchange of information and technical assistance among fishery workers. Here is what your membership includes.

Memorial: The OLAF International Membership award is named in memory of Dr. Olaf Weyl.  Olaf Weyl was Chief Scientist at South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity and South African Research Chair in Inland Fisheries and Freshwater Ecology.  Dr. Weyl was universally loved and respected across the fisheries profession and was dedicated to the exchange of science across the globe.  Olaf was a talented and prolific scientist whose research team addressed a wide range of fish ecology problems.  His team addressed conservation and impacts of nonnative fishes on endemic fish communities, and evaluation of factors influencing the quality of recreational fisheries.  Olaf had an infectious laugh and a true passion and curiosity about fisheries and fish ecology. The outpouring from the international community is a clear sign of his impact on so many lives and on our profession.

Eligibility: Individuals who reside in a country NOT listed on the World Bank list of HIGH-INCOME ECONOMIES and wish to join the International Fisheries Section of AFS.  Individuals are only eligible to receive this award TWO times.

Application: Please fill out the application form by November 15th.  Your application will not be complete until you provide the required information and upload your CV/Resume.

Selection Criteria: Applications will be reviewed on behalf of the IFS Executive Committee.  Recipients of awards will be selected on a competitive basis.  Justification for how membership will benefit individuals professionally and CVs/Resumes are key considerations.  In any given year, the IFS may choose not to award any OLAF International Membership Awards.

Notification: Applicants for an OLAF International Membership Award who apply by November 15th will receive emails with a decision by the end of the calendar year.  Other applicants will receive a decision on a rolling basis.  OLAF International Membership Awards will be announced by the IFS Section President at the Annual Business Meeting.

DonationsPlease consider supporting a fellow fisheries professional with your generous donation!  All AFS members have the opportunity to contribute to this award opportunity when they renew their annual membership.  Note that donations are not listed on the same page as all the renewable items and must be selected separately using the donations option at the second to last step of the renewal process.  To help fund this award, please contribute to the ‘Support of Low & Middle Income Dues.’

Thank you for your support!

*Spanish translation courtesy of Augustin Engman and Ámbar Torres.